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7 Reasons Why Your Rabbit Might Be Staring At You

Are you always feeling that your rabbit is watching you? It’s not just in your head. Actually, many pet owners have noted their bunny staring at them, but why does this happen? Rabbits are shy animals, so if yours is coming up to you and looking at you intently, it’s probably because it trusts you. The way bunnies interact with humans represents a sign of trust, an attachment, a personality.

Let’s discover nine reasons why your rabbit might be staring at you.

He Is Showing Dominance

If your rabbit is staring at you, as if to say, “Who are you and why are you in my home?”, it could be because they’re trying to show you that they’re the dominant bunny in the home. In the wild, rabbits are known to be social creatures, and they live in small burrows that they dig together.

In the burrow, they have a social hierarchy, and if your bunny is staring at you, it could be that they’re trying to assert themselves as “king of the castle”. In the wild, rabbits communicate with each other using body language, and they use it in the same way when they’re in a human home.

When they want something, they stare at you to get your attention.

Confident Bunnies Stare

You might notice that your rabbit stares at you for longer than a few seconds. This is because rabbits are very in-tune with their surroundings. Like we humans do, they have an instinct to look around and scan their environment, checking for predators and other dangers.

Bunny with stood up ear
Bunny with stood up ear (Sandy Millar – Unsplash)

Rabbits are naturally very curious animals, and they like to explore new things. This is why they’ll be drawn to you. When your bunny is staring, this might not be because they’re trying to show you that they’re in charge, but because he is interested in you. He wants to explore you and figure out what you are. Your rabbit may want to smell you, too, so if he is getting closer to you, don’t be alarmed.

He Wants Attention

Rabbits are incredibly social animals, and they need attention from their humans just like other pets. If your rabbit is staring, it may be because he wants attention from you. Rabbits like to be petted, but they also enjoy other interactions, such as being played with. If you’re not giving your bunny attention, he may start staring or hopping up and down to try to get your attention.

Your Bunny Might Be Sick

Another reason why your rabbit might be staring at you is that he could simply be sick, so, if you notice that he seems lethargic, he could be ill and need to see a vet.

There are several illnesses that can affect rabbits, and remember that bunnies are very stoic animals, so they might not show if they’re in pain. If your rabbit is staring at you but does not hop around or play with you as much as usual, it’s time to get to see the doc.

Also, rabbits have poor eyesight, so they may have trouble seeing things that are close to them.

Your Bunny Is Marking Its Territory

Rabbits are territorial animals, and they mark their territory to let other rabbits know that they’re in that area, and so, he might do that to mark its territory… in your own house! Rabbits do this by using their scent glands, and they rub their heads against things and leave a scent.

They might want to rub their head against their owner or something they wear, such as a coat. If yours do that, just give him a toy to rub their scent on or don’t wear anything they can rub against.

Cute bunny eating carrots (Yona Dutchbunny – Unsplash)

Your Rabbit May Not Like Something About The Environment

If your rabbit is staring at you, it could be because they don’t like their environment, like something in their home. This could be the bed they’re sleeping in, the toys they’re playing with, or something else you might have change recently.

Your Rabbit May Just Be Bored

Rabbits are very intelligent animals, and they need mental stimulation to be happy. If your rabbit is staring at you, and he does not have anything else to do, he might be bored. Rabbits like to chew, so if you have lots of wooden or cardboard things lying around, he might chew on them. They also love to dig, so if you have a sandpit or a dirt patch in your home, he will enjoy that.

Make sure that your rabbit is happy by giving them plenty of attention and toys to play with. They’ll appreciate it, and so will you!

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