ragdoll cat with stunning blue eyes

Do All Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes?

When you meet a ragdoll cat for the first time, the first thing that probably strikes you is their large blue eyes and sweet disposition. They’re one of the most distinctive looking cat breeds around, but what makes them look like this? Do all ragdolls have blue eyes? Let’s find out!

Why Do Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes?

A ragdoll kitten who looks surprised
A ragdoll kitten who looks surprised (Atrix9 – Pixabay)

The blue eye color of the ragdoll is a result of a genetic mutation. This mutation causes the formation of a protein called tyrosinase which is found in melanin, the pigment responsible for coat color and eye color. In the case of the ragdoll, this mutation causes the tyrosinase to fail to turn off at the right time during fetal development. This is why ragdolls have more melanin than other breeds, which causes their blue eyes and rich coats. Ragdolls are one of the most genetically distinct cat breeds based on DNA sequencing, and this is what makes them so unique.

Red, green, and yellow pigment cells determine a cat’s eye color, and when there is more of the yellow pigment, present in the iris (the colored part of your cat’s eye), it gives it a bluish color.

Are There Any Other Dominant Traits In Ragdolls?

Ragdoll cat with long white fur and blue eyes
Ragdoll cat with long white fur and blue eyes (毛祥 – Unsplash)

Like many cat breeds, ragdolls are known for their sweet, gentle personalities as well as their large size. They are also one of the rare breeds of cat that is naturally very docile and doesn’t have a strong hunting instinct. They are also known for an interesting and unusual trait where kittens will become very tame and affectionate with people from a very young age and can even be trained to walk on a leash. This is an unusual traitmay be related to their gentle and easy-going personalities with humans.

Do All Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes?

Ragdoll cat with green eyes
Ragdoll cat with green eyes (Bluesnap – Pixabay)

No, ragdolls can have different eye colors, including green, and even odd-colored eyes like one brown eye and one blue eye. It’s true that they have a dominant trait for a bluish eye color, and since they are a naturally occurring breed this is what you will see most often.

There are other cats that have blue eyes such as the Siberian, Siamese, and British Shorthair. However, the blue eye color has been observed in feline species for as long as we know, and no, not all felines have blue eyes. Cats can have red, green or yellow eyes, or sometimes, even two of these colors in one eye!


The blue eyes of the ragdoll is what makes them so famous and recognizable. They are a very special breed of cat, and one that is very friendly, affectionate, and gentle. If you’re ever lucky enough to meet a ragdoll in person, you’ll definitely notice those unique blue eyes! Now that you know more about these beautiful cats, you might want to adopt one, but before you do, make sure you research your local adoption centers and shelters to make sure you find the right one for you.

Header Image Credit : David Brooke Martin – Unsplash

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